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Advertisers seek new data strategies

Kantar’s 2021 Global Advertiser Survey is out! With findings from a global survey of 672 advertisers from 39 countries, the report Data strategies for brand growth shows that 81% of advertisers think they should actively be looking to use their first-party data alongside primary research data. As a significant help to German advertisers, agencies, media owners and publishers, Kantar in Germany now offers an IDFree solution for targeting online and offline audiences in partnership with GDR.

The Kantar report documents (i.a.) how advertisers want to use first-party customer data but face significant challenges as they navigate changing data privacy legislation and the demise of the third party cookie. Our partnership with Kantar Germany is a big helping hand to German advertisers who are looking to navigate through the changing privacy rules on advertising channels - and take back control of using their first-party data!

GDR's General Manager, Per Kristian Tandberg, says:

"We developed the IDFree targeting tool to ensure full protection of user privacy - both in the data model and the activation, and on all platforms. By partnering with Kantar Germany on helping clients reach audiences without relying on private data we both create significant value for marketers through new technology & insights."

We've collected the main information, links to relevant downloads, and contact details

New data strategies

German advertisers can now more easily enrich their first-party data with selections of Kantar TGI data that build up a rich, multi-category view of their consumers.

The same advertisers can then activate their enriched audience data set to multiple advertising platforms in Germany - display and mobile, AND on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat - through GDR's IDFree targeting solution.

As it is quoted in Data strategies for brand growth :

"(...) First-party data isn’t the only game in town! We need to be bolder, more aggressive with how we use the right mix data to fuel brand growth strategies. We need a complete view of brand performance, leveraging competitive intelligence and other directional data sources better to illuminate insights and inform better marketing strategies."

- Benjamin Jankowski, Senior Vice President, Media, Mastercard

The survey's consumer data is taken from Kantar TGI studies across the world. About Kantar TGI.

Let's talk about it

If any questions or concerns are triggered from reading the report, please know that you have an open invitation to reach out to us and discuss how we can help you solve the challenges you face.


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