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Germany on the Data Map

We're incredible happy to welcome German advertisers and agencies to take advantage of our online omnichannel platform, and reach relevant German audiences by using privacy safe data.

Reaching a new milestone, we have added one of the biggest EMEA countries to our IDFree targeting platform:

We now make it quick, safe & easy to build German audiences, allowing marketers to test and tweak what their audience data shows, see maps of the audience reach, and download campaign insights before activating the audience to multiple marketing channels - without having to adjust it by creative or programmatic teams.

"It's our goal to become the world’s leading provider of high quality, consumer, and interest audiences across all digital platforms. By opening our IDFree platform to German marketers, we prove that our visionary growth plans are deeply aligned with the adtech industry's need for data ethical targeting. It's a true pleasure to welcome advertisers and media agencies in Germany to reach their audience on all online channels with a single, privacy safe data set."

- Per Kristian Tandberg, Managing Director, Global Data Resources

Want to talk about your need for German audience data and/or want help to get started?

Please email our team, and have a test account set up in a flash!

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