We provide online omnichannel targeting without IDs or cookies.​


Have a look at why our key unit is "neighbourhood"

- a cluster of similar lifestyles

and how it guarantees that you can reach relevant audiences

with full respect for data privacy.


  • Audiences custom built by you 

  • Drag 'n drop audience builder

  • Pre-campaign report

  • Works across all marketing channels

  • Works in all browsers and devices 

  • No IDs or cookies

  • No private data collected or stored

  • Pre-build audiences available

  • Upload 1st-party data

  • Push to a growing number of DSPs

Please reach out to us to sign up for a company account.


The owner and developer of is Global Data Resources.

The IDFree tool is built to provide true online omnichannel targeting without cookies or user IDs. integrates with a growing number of DSPs & SSPs to allow you/your clients' to activate the same audience on marketing channels like display, video, apps and mobile, and on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc.



The IDFree tool uniquely allows you to Build-Validate-Activate and share the same audience to currently these channels:

  • DV360, Adform, BidTheatre, Xandr and other DSPs

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook & Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Snapchat

  • Outdoor

  • Digital Out-of-home (DOOH)

  • Video & ATV


The IDFree tool allows users to share and adjust audience profiles & reach in seamless collaboration since no programmatic adjustment is needed.

  • The same message

  • To the same people

  • At the same time

  • Without cookies or IDs

  • 100% data privacy  

  • 100% respect for the users