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Unlocking Privacy-Compliant Omnichannel Audience Activation

Global Data Resources (GDR) - Pioneering Privacy-First Solutions Since 2015

GDR empowers marketers, agencies, and publishers to achieve precise audience targeting across all channels (online, social media, display, video) – respecting user privacy throughout the journey.

Our Approach

  • Privacy-Safe Insights: We translate research and analysis into actionable strategies without compromising user data.

  • Advanced Targeting: Leverage our proprietary geo-algorithms and privacy-compliant consumer data to build highly specific audience segments.

  • Global Reach: GDR provides comprehensive consumer classification data and interest insights for over 750 million individuals across 35 key markets in Europe, Asia, the UK, and the USA.


Key Benefits

  • GDPR & CCPA Compliance: All GDR solutions are 100% compliant with leading privacy regulations.

  • Omnichannel Activation: Seamlessly activate your campaigns across all relevant channels.

  • Privacy-First Audience Building: Reach the right audience without compromising user privacy.

GDR Timeline


Partner Insights

We asked some of our partners - among the world's most influential consumer analysts, data providers, and publishers - what our next-generation targeting solution help them solve and offer to their clients.

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