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data transparency and data privacy.


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Global Data Resources (GDR) is a privacy pioneer in the adtech industry. We have earned our position as a global leader in ethically sourced audience data for modern marketers by being privacy-first based since 2015.


GDR provides next-generation targeting without third-party cookies or IDs by coupling enriched socio-demographic data into stable lifestyle personas, stripped of unique online identifiers. We help brands, agencies and publishers transition to non-intrusive targeting with audiences either built by us or by our clients using our ID-free omnichannel targeting tool


GDR works with hundreds of global clients and media agencies, and we partner with some of the most reliable and transparent data providers and analysts in the industry.


We currently offer digital consumer classification data and/or interest data for 35 markets, covering +750 million people across Europe, the USA and UK, and Asia.


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