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Is Data Privacy A Key Strategic Issue?

While it is hard to find anyone opposed to public regulation of how the advertising industry access and share consumer data nowadays, data privacy is not defined as a single set of rules. At GDR, we are both strategically and operationally based on "the spirit of data privacy", meaning we do not try to comply with privacy laws with patched-up solutions. Instead, we developed the IDFree targeting tool to ensure full protection of user privacy - in the data model & the activation - and also allow marketers to access enriched consumer data in order to research and build relevant audiences.

The Ghost Of Personalization

As Google and Apple follow the same road to increased data privacy, both corporations are ready with their own solutions for tracking, and new big tech privacy regulations are expected to be ongoing. Like "Sustainability" has become a major brand value factor, "Data privacy" is certainly expected by consumers to be at the core of the "relationship" they enter into with a brand.

For the advertising industry to abandon the dream of "personalization from personal data" is not an easy process since it has been the identity of digital marketing for decades. Nevertheless, truly integrated data privacy i-s a given in the global consumer landscape and a simple concent form - where users still have to accept that their data is collected and shared - is not cutting it.

In a StreetFight Magazine comment, "Privacy versus Paid Content: What Are We Willing to Sacrifice?", Gil Sommer, VP of Product at Connatix, says:

"We need to find a way to protect consumers’ privacy while also preserving some semblance of the advertising ecosystem that allows for free access to important information."

In A Word:

The IDFree targeting tool by GDR is based on ethical sourcing of data - we do not use any IDs based on personally identifiable information - and our clients are guaranteed 100% respect for users' privacy with the audience data that we provide. is the tool that advertisers and agencies have been looking for since we heard the first words about GDPR: A targeting tool that works across all the different advertising channels, and that does not rely on collecting and storing users' private data or browser history.

Could you benefit from a demo of and/or a talk about the IDFree tool as a data privacy foundation as well as a research and activation tool in your/your clients' targeting process?

Book Us here - or see our contact details and give us a ping anytime.


IDFree audiences are currently available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and

the United States for digital campaign activation on display and outdoor, mobile, video and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.


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