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Uneasy being underprepared for the cookieless world

Privacy regulations have had a significant impact on digital marketing. While navigating them can be challenging, it’s important for digital marketers to prioritize privacy and data. Nevertheless, in the latest WARC strategy report: The Future of Programmatic, nearly three-quarters (73%) of UK marketers admit to not being well prepared for the withdrawal of third-party cookies. Likewise, a majority (58%) of global marketing leaders lack a working understanding of how changing privacy regulations will affect their work.

To us, tech talk is meaningless without the right tools.

And we get why many marketers struggle to grasp the changes in how to build personalization without traditional third-party cookies. But advertisers have to realize that they risk years of loyalty work by not preparing for the cookieless world.

That is why we have developed the next-gen targeting tool to help all types of marketers transition to a cookieless understanding and reach of unique audiences.

Compliance across channels
"According to LiveRamp research in The Future of Programmatic report, more than half of marketers (60%) are concerned about being able to reach audiences once third-party cookies disappear."

As one of the most complete alternatives to the dying third-party cookies, our privacy-safe geographical targeting tool ( allows you/your clients to have complete control of data - e.g. by a simple upload of owned first-party data.

You are also able to test the reach in (user-friendly view in Google Maps) before the same audience can be activated on all major marketing channels/platforms/social media with only a few steps.

GDR works in partnerships with some of global advertising’s most renowned survey & insights companies and publisher platforms as well as national statistics offices. Together, we offer reliable and efficient consumer research and audience activation for both programmatic ad buyers and sellers.

Insights-driven geo-targeting

Data privacy regulation continues to evolve across regions in agreement with GDPR and CCPA which limits how brands can leverage and move consumer data around the world. And today, digital marketers must prioritize privacy/protection in their practices instead of "holding their breath" for as long as they can collect third-party cookie-based online behavior data (Google cookie shutdown begins in 2. half of 2024).

To push advertising campaigns to specific geographic locations requires a deep understanding of the targeted regions - we operate with clusters of a minimum of 15 households, called "Neighbourhoods".

Understanding who lives in a neighbourhood means analyzing the local culture, lifestyles, and customs by comparing them to census and market statistics - in order to create ads that are relevant and engaging.

We help you help yourself/your team/clients by providing audiences with the right regional reach according to the brief and/or ensuring easy upload of first-party/CRM data to where activation platforms are integrated for user convenience.

As always, reach out to our team anytime for a talk about transitioning to cookieless and ID-free targeting.

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