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Google: No cookies for 1% of Chrome users in Q1 2024

Google plans to part with third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users in the first quarter of 2024. Full-on cookie deprecation is set to happen in the second half of 2024. Google will give developers access to test the readiness and effectiveness of their cookieless ad reach in real-world environments from Q4 2023.

Marketing Dive reports a Google post The next stages of Privacy Sandbox: General availability and supporting scaled testing to give us a concrete timeline for the first time. Q1 2024 will be the beginning of the end of third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users. For developers to have time to test the effectiveness of their cookieless products, Google will allow them to simulate deprecation from Q4 2023.

For GDR it does not change anything since we are and always have been independent of using private user data to provide our multi-layered audiences to the programmatic ad market.

It's coming!

Google clearly remains committed to eliminating third-party cookies and has been testing alternatives ever since it announced its cookie deprecation in 2020.

The full deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome is set for the second half of 2024.

We certainly acknowledge that it is indeed a real challenge for advertisers everywhere to understand the changing landscape of digital advertising with the disappearance of 3rd-party cookies. Nevertheless, it is more than ever brand-critical to act with 100% respect for private data and diligently research the target audiences without relying on individual data.

The Marketing Dive article hints at Google's hesitation to draw a final line in the 3rd-party cookie sand as one of the reasons why so many brands are still waiting to find legitimate targeting alternatives:

"While marketers know the change is coming, many have themselves been slow to embrace alternative solutions for targeting digital users. A more concrete timeline could give the push they need to get started."

1st-party future

GDR collaborates with some of the most respected developers and providers across the programmatic supply chain. In our joint solutions, we do not have to test our audience data in Google’s Privacy Sandbox to know that our clients gain superb insights into consumer lifestyle patterns without ever collecting individual data.

With our partners, we give advertisers and publishers safe, fast, and easy access to a complete standardized audience taxonomy to enrich ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st-party cookies or ID-free.

Programmatic ready. IAB compliant. Ready to use.

As always, reach out for a talk anytime!


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