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IDFree Insider: Omnichannel Activation In A Snap

"Omnichannel Activation In A Snap" is the title of the January issue of our newsletter IDFree Insider.

We talk about seeing the contours of our valuable partnership with Kantar and Nordic Data Resources as more and more marketers want to know about the integrated activation tool: IDFree GO!

Do you build or buy audiences from other trusted data sources than Kantar TGI? Let's talk!

A Bridge From TGI Audience To Activation


Remember, when you and your team had to wait days for cookies to populate and sync with all the channels? Those days are gone!


Today, IDFree GO! let you activate your audiences directly from research done in Kantar TGI* in just a few steps!

*TGI is a trademark owned by Kantar. In the Nordic market, the TGI's are Forbruker & Media in Norway, Orvesto in Sweden, Mind in Finland, and Index Danmark.


Your privacy-safe audiences are directly transferred from strategy and planning to the digital trading desk. This includes your campaign planning and media buying.


IDFree GO! gives you omnichannel targeting consistency that you can rely on.

Activate the same unique audience on all major channels in the time it takes you to have a coffee!

Let's talk about how you/your clients can integrate safe & fast activation with IDFree GO!


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