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IDFree GO! When Activation Is A Cup Of Coffee Away

IDFree GO! changes everything you know about activation by delivering your audience in a few minutes through our self-service integration with your chosen research platform.

Let's be honest, activating audiences in programmatic advertising has always been a drag, or at least confusing to leave your consumer research in the hands of digital trading desks and then wait days or weeks (!) for all third-party cookies to populate across all platforms.

Now, you can disregard a whole lot of the time- and process-consuming steps you had to go through to push your audience to each marketing channel, platform, and device that your campaign should run on.

IDFree GO! let you activate audiences directly from research done in (owned and developed by Global Data Resources), other trusted sources, or from your own CRM data - in just a few clicks! Kindly download pdf to find more info.

Self-Service Integration

With IDFree GO! you can access your audiences in minutes through our self-service integration with our partners' platforms, or another research platform you know and trust.

As you build an audience in or your chosen data platform, you are able to directly transfer it to IDFree GO! and then link it to activation on the publisher channels of choice (country-based).

Please find our Audience Lists here if you fancy a look at the +300 consumer lifestyle categories that are currently available to combine with drag 'n drop.

Helping Hands

It takes you six steps from brief to creative to audience to activation with IDFree GO!

With just a few clicks you control the process, and are of course guaranteed 100% privacy-safe enriched data from our partners and ourselves.

If you prefer to buy and replicate your audiences through our partnerships, we're here to help you anytime!

Please Book a Demo or give us a call and let's talk about how fast, easy, and safe you can use IDFree GO! to activate your/your clients' audiences.


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