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Here Comes IDFree GO!

Here Comes IDFree GO! 🧑‍🚀 is the title of the November issue of our newsletter IDFree Insider

Back in 2017, GDR and our sister company Nordic Data Resources solved the advertising market's concerns & problems with data privacy.

Now, we do it again with IDFree GO!

IDFree GO! is your solution to activating audiences, built on insight from known & trusted sources, on multiple marketing channels in minutes - not days or weeks!

Instant Activation In A Few Clicks


Remember, when you and your team had to wait days for cookies to populate and sync with all the channels? Those days are gone!


Today, IDFree GO! let you activate your audiences directly from research done in, other trusted sources, or from your own CRM data in just a few clicks!


Your privacy-safe audiences are directly transferred from strategy and planning to the digital trading desk. This includes your campaign planning and media buying.


IDFree GO! gives you omnichannel targeting consistency that you can rely on.

Activate the same unique audience on all major channels in the time it takes you to have a coffee!


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In doubt about how we treat your data? Please see the Privacy Policy.

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