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New Partnership Walk The Privacy-First Talk

Global adtech leader The Trade Desk enter into a new partnership with Global Data Resources to ensure access to privacy-safe consumer data and provide insight-driven advertising - without using third-party cookies.

Creating Cookieless Communication

In partnership, The Trade Desk and Global Data Resources lift the burden of data privacy for advertisers and ad buyers who must target with precision - but not by tracking and storing private user data through third-party cookies.

Reaching the right audience for the right ad campaign is absolutely still critical.

It just has to be done in a respectful and non-intrusive way!

Global Data Resources' Global Partnerships Director Göran Eklöf says:

"We welcome The Trade Desk among our valued partners. The demand for advertising models that are based on respectful ways of collecting consumer data only grows. And we are very pleased to provide socio-demographic privacy-safe data to one of the World's leading DSPs as we continue to support the transition to more transparent targeting."

Please reach out to Göran to hear more about how the partnership with The Trade Desk can help you and your team.

The Trade Desk-GDR audiences are currently available in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden for digital campaign activation on display, video, mobile and social channels incl. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.


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