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Translate Research into online Target Groups

Research should be used and activated, in our humble opinion. And research should be current and relevant - historic data are in their essence looking at past activities and as such analyzing what has happened. To base campaign reach on a multi-layered understanding of the lifestyles & life phases in geographical neighbourhoods is part of the always-present goal to strengthen brands' relationships with their customers. This is what we at GDR help our clients and partners obtain by translating research into online target groups – cookieless and 100% privacy-safe.

Applied Research Behind Reach

Collecting consumers' private data is not only History but also unimaginative when considering that authentic communication is built on understanding the brand's core audience by socio-demographic characteristics, not (!) individual differences. offers brands and advertisers exactly that in-depth insight into their unique target audiences, built by us or by our client teams.

We allow users to enrich privacy-safe census data (offline socio-demographic data per given population) with lifestyle topics and life phases data, and then get instant validation of whom is targeted before (!) activating the same audience on all chosen channels.

Want to know more about translating research into your unique online target groups? Please reach out to us anytime.


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