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"How would you like to pay?"

Did last year's iOS update put the final nail in the coffin of "get free content by paying with your personal data" as iPhone users were allowed/encouraged to exclude ad-tracking from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, etc.?

As a global marketing data partner, we help advertisers, agencies, and publishers conduct respectful and transparent audience targeting by relying on 100% data privacy throughout the advertising process.

Instead of tracking/buying private data for free content/service, we provide (standard or bespoke) data packages - ready to use as intelligent translations of deep consumer insight to current, multi-level audiences. Check it out!

Neighbourhoods. Not Individuals.

See, why we at GDR have never based our audience models on tracking private user behavior. In fact, we are privacy-first born in 2015 and have been optimizing program-matic advertising data with applied insight and analysis ever since.

Private Data Is No Longer A Currency

We simply leave individual data out of our models and dynamic algorithms.

The focus for us and our clients & partners is to build personalization by analyzing lifestyles and life phases - and then pinpoint the geographical neighbourhoods

(15 households minimum) where the biggest clusters of a unique audience live.

Without third-party measurement data to analyze how media budgets are performing, many advertisers are looking into the cookieless dark. We are here to bring back confidence in efficient digital advertising - with full respect for consumer data privacy.


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