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Advertisers and Publishers have New Ways to Serve Relevant Ads

Time flies! Do you realize that it's over four years since Google first announced the Privacy Sandbox? Still, the martech industry has not completely transitioned from the mindset of tracking consumers online. But the time is now and the solution is here: Safe, insights-based audience data to increase brands' ad performance, while also including publishers with their own inventory.

Google has been upfront in introducing the interest-based advertising platform "Privacy Sandbox" as a trusted alternative to tracking user's behaviour from third-party cookies.

"Technology that publishers and advertisers use to make advertising even more relevant to people is now being used far beyond its original design intent - to a point where some data practices don’t match up to user expectations for privacy."

We understand that the struggle to build personalised campaigns without traditional third-party cookies is real.

But as Google is now "interest-based" in the sandbox frame of advertising, so are GDR and our partnerships "lifestyle-based" in our audiences, built on geographical neighbourhoods with clusters of the same lifestyle.

That is why we have developed the next-gen targeting tool to help advertisers, agencies, and publishers transition to a cookieless understanding and reach of their unique audiences.

Please Book a Demo to get started if IDFree lifestyle targeting is new to you/your team.

IDFree lifestyle targeting: From snooping to insight

Clusters of the same lifestyle

GDR works in partnerships with some of global advertising’s most renowned survey & insights companies, publisher platforms, and national statistics offices.

This enables us to offer reliable and efficient consumer research data and omnichannel activation for both programmatic ad buyers and sellers 💥

But to push advertising campaigns to specific geographic locations requires a deep understanding of the targeted regions - we operate with clusters of a minimum of 15 households, called "Neighbourhoods".

Understanding who lives in a neighbourhood means analyzing the local culture, lifestyles, and customs by comparing them to census and market statistics - in order to create ads that are relevant and engaging.

Insights-driven geo-targeting

Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation offer a number of benefits over third-party cookies, including:

  • Privacy-friendliness: Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation do not require tracking individual users across websites. Instead, use aggregated data to target groups of people. This makes it a more privacy-friendly way to target ads.

  • Relevance: Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation allow marketers to target their ads to people who are most likely to be interested in them. This leads to higher click-through rates and conversion rates.

  • Accuracy: Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation is a very accurate way to target ads. This is because the data is directly related to a user's interests and behaviours.

Get Started

We help you help yourself/your team/clients by providing audiences with the correct regional reach according to the brief.

We also allow you to easily upload first-party/CRM data to where activation platforms are integrated for your convenience.


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