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Publishers in the lead: Finnish advertisers get a leg up!

Global Data Resources is MTV Oy's new addition to its data providers, chosen for our geo-targeting data that is built on statistics and probability calculation based on zip code. With the cooperation, MTV's advertisers are offered a lot of new targeting opportunities from GDR's privacy-safe geo-segmentation data.

Publishers need cookie alternatives too! Finland's leading commercial TV broadcasting company MTV Oy choose GDR as the new addition to its trusted data providers.

As the country’s best-known commercial TV and video platform, MTV attracts enormous traffic from all areas of the population. In collaboration with GDR, MTV now offers advertisers to further specify their relevant reach with new cookieless consumer lifestyle & geo data.

Read more in the press release we sent out together with MTV.

Publishers with or without inventory

To help advertisers - who are increasingly looking to geo-demographic segmentation to replace the dying out 3rd-party cookies - MTV can now offer multi-layered consumer research data to keep detailing audience profiles and raising the precision of ad performance.

The data is available to advertisers in Finland and Sweden today!

Carla Miettinen, Digital Product Manager at MTV Oy, says:

“At MTV Oy we are constantly developing our data capabilities and we're happy that we can offer new targeting options for our advertisers. Our collaboration with GDR has been straightforward and easy. The market has welcomed the segments with enthusiasm and we are keen to hear new ideas from our clients and customers for the future.”

Partnerships pave the way

GDR collaborates with some of the most respected developers and providers across the programmatic supply chain.

With our partners, we give advertisers and publishers safe, fast, and easy access to a complete standardized audience taxonomy to enrich ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st-party cookies or ID-free.

As always, reach out for a talk anytime!


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