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Adtech News: The Audience Alliance

Audience Alliance is a new professional collaboration between some of adtech's most influential data providers and developers in the Nordic region. We are solving publishers' challenges to fully work with first-party cookies and first-party data.

The Audience Alliance consists of players in the programmatic market dedicated to providing secure and privacy-mindful data without the use of 3rd party cookies.

As a global company, Global Data Resources (GDR) have extraordinarily been invited to join the Audience Alliance on the basis of our important contributions to next-generation data-ethical programmatic advertising.

Check out what Dagens Media writes in the article Audience alliance släpper cookie-lösning för publicister. ("Audience alliance releases cookie solution for publishers.")

Cross-Border Cooperation

To change an ecosystem as complex and large as the programmatic one, we must cooperate over unwritten borders.

We acknowledge that it is a real challenge for advertisers everywhere to understand the changing landscape of digital advertising as it is disrupted by the disappearance of 3rd-party cookies.

It is the responsibility of the industry as a whole to help advertisers with this - which is why we are now a proud member of the Audience Alliance.

Dagens Media introduces the Audience Alliance as:

"A group of Nordic companies will solve a problem that Google has been working on for several years. They completely drop third-party cookies and have created a solution for first-party cookies on a common platform."

The Take-Away

As part of the Alliance, we give publishers next-gen safe, fast, and easy access to a complete standardized audience taxonomy to enrich ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st party cookies or ID-free.

Programmatic ready. IAB compliant. And ready to use today!

As always, reach out for a talk anytime!


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