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Neighbourhoods: The key unit for seasonal advertisers

Think back to your younger days! Did you live in a suburban area with families with children? No, you were most probably out clubbing with friends in the city. Halloween is a good example of how different you have to target to reach your identified geo-demographics and land the ad performance of the season!

One of the important factors to consider when you're engaged in digital advertising - seasonal or throughout the year - is location.

Halloween decorations are a great example of who lives in the home, the street, the neighbourhood - as we tend to cluster together with people who share similar life phases and lifestyles.

From the first movers who show childish cut-out pumpkins with LED candles on the entryway or spooky spiderwebs and traps set by ghost-painted teenagers down the suburban street to a quality fall wreath on the front door of a couple's villa after the kids have moved away from home.

Clusters of the same lifestyle

Dig into our free white paper "Why Neighbourhoods Matter" to see why "neighbourhood" (clusters of a minimum of 15 households) is our key unit when we help advertisers, agencies, and publishers target areas with the highest concentration of relevant lifestyles and consumer preferences.

However, to push advertising campaigns to specific geographic locations requires a deep understanding of the targeted regions.

Understanding who lives in a neighbourhood means analyzing the local culture, lifestyles, and customs by comparing them to census and market statistics - to create ads that are relevant and engaging.

Insights-driven geo-targeting

Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation offer substantial value over third-party cookies, including:

  • Privacy-friendliness: Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation do not require tracking individual users across websites. Instead, use aggregated data to target groups of people. This makes it a more privacy-friendly way to target ads.

  • Relevance: Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation allow marketers to target their ads to people who are most likely to be interested in them. This leads to higher click-through rates and conversion rates.

  • Accuracy: Geo-targeting and lifestyle segmentation is a very accurate way to target ads. This is because the data is directly related to a user's interests and behaviours.

Get Started

We help you help yourself/your team/clients by providing audiences with the correct regional reach according to the brief.

We also allow you to easily upload first-party/CRM data to where activation platforms are integrated for your convenience.


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