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Enabling a Single Source of Truth

In the Adform series on "CMO for All Seasons", the latest white paper is about why creating a single customer profile and point of accountability - a single source of truth - plays a pivotal role in establishing a holistic view of campaign data. 

"Obtaining a single source of truth is critical as it ensures that the data being used for communicating with audiences or reporting results, is reliable, accurate, and comparable. It has the benefit of providing management with a holistic overview of their strategies and enables teams across an organization to speak in the same data language."

Connecting Data

You can download the white paper

Connecting Data - Enabling a Single Source of Truth from the Adform Knowledge Center.

Among the many insights we noticed especially is the focus on "Siloed Data, Siloed Thinking".

"With data silos come different definitions, taxonomies, and interpretations of data. Within companies, different departments struggle to work with data in a co-operative way. eConsultancy reported that 40% of companies say each department has its own agenda."

One of our most important tasks is indeed to provide our customers with one dataset to easily target multiple platforms.

Our new ID-Free targeting platform guarantees you control over your/your clients' digital omnichannel presence - with a single dataset.

You can sign up to get free access and try it out yourself:


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