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CTV Ads Soars, Traditional TV Slips: Key Stats for 2024

The rise of Connected TV (CTV) advertising is attracting advertisers with its ability to target specific audiences and boost engagement. By 2025, CTV ad revenue is expected to surpass traditional TV ad spend, potentially claiming more than half the market.

According to OnAudience, a global data provider that gathers data from more than 200 markets globally, Gen Z’s (born 1997-2012) CTV viewership will approach 55 million viewers in 2024.

It is projected that Gen Z’s CTV viewership will approach 55 million viewers in 2024. Moreover, CTV user penetration is impressively high among the age brackets of 25 to 54, soaring over 80%, and for ages 12 to 17, the penetration is over 75%. However, the figures drop for the youngest and oldest viewers; less than 50% of individuals aged 0 to 11 and 65 and older are engaged with CTV.

Streaming Success

Streaming services are booming, with viewers flocking to their diverse content and on-demand convenience. This shift creates a dynamic advertising landscape where companies can reach audiences through digital channels in entirely new ways.

Unlike traditional TV with its set schedules, CTV empowers viewers to choose what and when they watch. This aligns perfectly with modern habits, making CTV advertising a powerful tool for engagement.

Connected TV (CTV) has become the fastest-growing major ad channel in the U.S., projected to expand by 22.4% and reach a total of $30.10 billion in ad spend by 2024. This remarkable growth trajectory is attributed to the performance, audience segmentation, data-driven insights, and interactive capabilities that CTV offers.

Trailing only behind mobile devices, the U.S. digital ad spend on CTV is projected to reach 10% by 2024, highlighting its growing importance in advertising strategies.

Capitalize on CTV's Growth with GDR

The CTV landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. But navigating this new frontier doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Here at Global Data Resources, we understand the complexities of CTV advertising and are here to empower both advertisers and publishers.

For Advertisers:

  • Precision Targeting: We leverage advanced data insights to identify your ideal audience across the CTV ecosystem, ensuring your message reaches the right viewers at the right time.

  • Privacy-Centric Solutions: We prioritize privacy-compliant strategies that deliver impactful campaigns without compromising user data.

  • Campaign Optimization: Our team constantly analyzes campaign performance and provides data-driven recommendations to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

For Publishers:

  • Monetization Expertise: We help publishers unlock the full potential of their CTV inventory, connecting them with high-quality advertisers seeking engaged audiences.

  • Privacy-Focused Tools: We offer solutions that allow you to generate revenue while maintaining user privacy and complying with evolving regulations.

  • Streamlined Operations: Our streamlined processes simplify ad management, freeing you to focus on creating exceptional content for your viewers.

Ready to embrace the future of TV advertising? Please reach out to us and let's rock!


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