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Europe's Publishing Powerhouses Goes IDFree!

In a landmark move, RTL AdAlliance, one of Europe's largest publisher sales houses, has taken a significant leap forward by integrating Global Data Resources' revolutionary IDFree technology into its extensive advertising offerings.

RTL AdAlliance, the advertising power-house behind RTL Group, unites top media brands and enables international brands to connect seamlessly with diverse audiences across all of Europe.

This collaboration offers unparalleled access to a spectacular line-up of over 100 TV channels, 350 print publications, +5,000 websites, and commands a daily reach of more than 150 million TV viewers. It generates an astonishing total of more than 4 billion monthly online impressions, setting a new benchmark in the advertising industry.

For this gigantic publisher sales house to adopt strategic changes, highlights a significant shift towards privacy-first, demographic targeting across TV, print, and web platforms, catering to an expansive client base.

In a Breaking News worthy message, RTL AdAlliance announces their new and improved demographic targeting capability - "‘Smart Demographics" - to VideoWeek.

“RTL AdAlliance offers one unified solution for all accessible markets, which is available on all devices and media types. Thus, we offer a simple, privacy-safe and future-proof product for our advertisers to reach their audience.”

- David Broich, Head of data and audiences at RTL AdAlliance

IDFree New Era

The introduction of IDFree technology by Global Data Resources (GDR) marks a huge advancement in RTL AdAlliance's ability to offer "Smart Demographics".

This innovation addresses the growing demand for reliable and comprehensive data sets amidst the challenges of signal loss. It's announcing a new era in precision advertising without reliance on traditional ID-based tracking methods.

Simply The Best

RTL AdAlliance only partners with the most esteemed and capable data providers - and it shows in its selection of GDR: A top-tier provider of premium data in Europe.

GDR equips RTL AdAlliance with the essential tools to craft highly refined audience segments. These segments enable advertisers to target specific interest-based personas, including categories such as DIY enthusiasts, Modern Families, Technology aficionados, and Sports fans with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Please reach out to GDR Managing Director Per Kristian Tandberg to hear more.


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