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TV4 is The Heroic House in the Game of Advertiser Trust

In the vast world of advertising, where data is king, TV4 (reaching over 40% of the Swedish population) has emerged as a champion of insights, opting for a targeting model that strips away individual data...much like the White Walkers in Game of Thrones would strip away the identities of their fallen foes!

TV4 has chosen Nordic Data Resources to provide geo-based lifestyle data to enrich its existing viewer data.

The partnership services TV4's advertisers with more precise and respectful targeting capabilities and a better understanding of their audiences.

Read all about it in the January 24 IDFree Insider newsletter: TV4: The Heroic House in the Game of Advertiser Trust.

By partnering with NDR, TV4 supports its advertisers with data enriched with geo- and sociodemographic insights and a tool to reach their relevant audiences with respect for privacy.

To Dagens Media, TV4's sales director Rikard Sjöberg says:

"By connecting first-party data down to postal code level with NDR's data, we get a much higher hit rate, maintained reach and higher efficiency in the campaigns. NDR is very skilled and has the data that many companies look for."


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