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Harness the power of next-generation audience targeting with
  • Build Powerful Multi-Layered Audiences: empowers you to construct highly targeted audience segments. Leverage pre-built segments from our trusted partners, create your own using our extensive data library, or collaborate with larger advertisers for maximum reach.

  • Developed and Owned by Global Data Resources: Backed by GDR's expertise and innovation, provides a user-friendly platform for building and managing your targeting strategies.

  • Seamless Activation with IDFree GO!: Streamline your workflow with IDFree GO! This integrated solution allows you to activate audiences built from Kantar Media research directly on leading Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), ad servers, and publisher platforms. All within just a few steps!

IDFree GO!

Provided in partnership with Kantar Media
and Nordic Data Resources.

Effortless Programmatic Activation with IDFree GO!

  • Fast, Easy, and Secure: IDFree GO! simplifies the process of activating programmatic advertising campaigns. Leverage valuable consumer insights and analytics derived from Kantar Media's research data.

  • Powered by Trusted Partnerships: This innovative solution is brought to you by a collaboration between IDFree, Kantar Media, and Nordic Data Resources, leveraging their combined expertise in data, research, and programmatic activation.

  • Available in Nordic Markets: Currently, IDFree GO! empowers advertisers, agencies, and publishers across Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

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