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Digital Dilemma Awareness

The dilemma of personalised advertising is that while consumers do welcome relevance, they’re concerned about data privacy and of being tracked online.

We get it! And together with leading data insight companies like Kantar, we can provide you with both ready-made target groups or help you build your own specific segments to create consumer trust through targeting.

Personalised advertising risks

In Kantar’s 2020 DIMENSION study: Media & Me it's revealed how the increase of personalised advertising content is often based on a "tsunami of data available". With the opportunities comes risks for advertisers though, and reaching the consumer over and over again to the point of annoyance, can indeed backfire and reflect negatively on a brand.

The over-enthusiastic use of data behind unsophisticated (re-) targeting has lead to rising consumer privacy concerns - as we've seen it since before the 2018 GDPR laws in EU.

And while it's essential for marketers to identify the most potential target groups and reach them, it's just as essential to avoid intrusiveness from mindless campaign activations.

"We don't like technologies thinking they know us better than we know ourselves!", as pointed out by Gerhard Louw, Head of International Media Management at Deutsche Telekom. (source: Media & Me)

Advertising without trust is just noise

Gaining or regaining consumers’ trust in the advertising industry's ability to exploit data without violating privacy regulations, could be a matter of questioning the extent of ad personalisation.

"We have a problem and that is how the public feel about advertising. They simply don’t trust it in a way they once did. Without trust, advertising has no future. A brand without trust is simply a product, and advertising without trust is just noise."

- Keith Weed, Former Chief Marketing Communications Officer, Unilever

(source: Media & Me)

As the number of media increases, it also increases the importance of brands to invest in targeting data - in order to bond with consumers through the right message, in the right way, in the right channel. GDR can help you with that.


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