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Privacy: Fashionably Late Is Still Late

"You're late!" Recently Rianna was called out for being late to a fashion show and responded "No shit". Unless you are a pop culture icon with 150 million Instagram followers and a "could not care less" brand, being late will get you in trouble. Nevertheless, 88% of advertisers say they currently use third-party cookies, write AdExchanger and quote the latest Advertiser Perceptions study which also states that a growing number of advertisers are abandoning using third-party cookies altogether. The "just not now" is an expected hesitation to move on from three decades of cookie tracking to reach consumers and measure campaign results. It is not creating a future-proof and current message about advertisers and agencies embracing privacy-safe communication though. But we can easily help you get up to date with non-intrusive targeting practices in order to reach relevant audiences with data respect.

Cookie Reliance Pullback Trend

Fear of performance loss as advertisers slowly (?) begin pulling back from third-party cookie reliance is understandable and is upfront addressed by one of the world's largest video SSPs, our partner smartclip:

"IDFree targeting has proven to be highly effective in pilot campaigns tests across Sweden, Norway, and Finland - indicating an index uplift of 250 to 350 depending on the target group."

Our experienced team help marketers like you phase out identifiers every day. We have made it very easy for you to start testing targeting based on socio-demographic insight and implement non-intrusive targeting practices for both users and advertisers.

In the AdExchanger article, Lauren Fisher, GM of business intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions does indeed point to how advertisers and agencies test new ID-free solutions is a growing trend:

"From one perspective, the continued widespread use of cookie-based ID solutions suggests that advertisers are committed to the old ways of doing things. But it’s also likely some advertisers are testing the effectiveness of new ID solutions against the tried-and-true cookie."

You are very welcome to reach out to us for a talk about how you start to test and create a privacy-first targeting strategy for reaching multi-layered audiences.

If you are looking for an introduction to how to use the tool, please Book A Demo here.


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