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Next-Gen Consumers Are Hard To Pin Down By Choice

"They’re hard to pin down", says Maxine Gurevich, Senior Vice President of Cultural Intelligence at the WHY Group, about Generation Z (born from 1997 to 2012). The next-generation consumers challenge core marketing beliefs of creating demogra-phic target groups from trends and historic statistics when Gen Z primarily responds to content that they are passionate about/connect with. If you base your ad reach on a multi-layered understanding of lifestyles & life phases, we can help you locate geographical neighbourhoods where your relevant Gen Z customers live and hang.

Adopt Broader Definitions Of Culture

In SocialMediaToday, a new research report by Horizon Media: “The Gen Z Field Guide: A Marketer’s Manual for Following the Niche Over the Norm” pinpoints that the Generation Z group seems to enjoy variety over uniformity, often driven by personalized interests that can even be at odds with each other.

As marketers are used to targeting strategies based on broad-based demographic, Gen Z falls through the cracks of too narrow definitions of what is moving culture, the report shows.

“Subcultures are the new demographics as members of this generation connect and respond to the things they are most passionate about.”

Neighbourhoods, Not Individuals

We developed the cookieless targeting tool to allow marketers to take back control over the audience data and not have to rely on limited combinations of third-party data.

Working with unique/subculture audiences, built by us or our client's team in, is based on deep consumer insight from quality data sources like Kantar. allow users to enrich privacy-safe census data (offline socio-demographic data per given population) with lifestyle topics and life phases data and then get instant validation of whom is targeted before activating the same audience on all chosen online channels.

Want to know more about reaching subculture target groups in one or more countries? Please contact us anytime.


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