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Media Trends 2021

Kantar has identified 10 trends that will impact media and communications in 2021.

"Our Media Trends and Predictions 2021 aim to support you in what is a relative uncertain future. It explores findings that can help you build richer connections with your audience, your consumers and your clients, to drive business growth through 2021 and beyond."

Navigating the "new normal"

Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer shows that claimed media consumption grew across all in-home channels. In April alone internet browsing increasing by 64%, online video by 54% and higher social media engagement up by 56%.

"...while it’s unlikely the pandemic situation will change quickly, consumer behaviours are starting to return to the ‘old normal’ as we emerge from ‘stay-at-home’ restrictions."
"The industry needs to be nimble, agile and real-time – ready to ‘twist’ when the market demands it. Research and data from Kantar is readily available to answer this."

Agile omnichannel

As you read through Kantar's analysis in Media Trends and Predictions 2021 you get an understanding of just how important agile responses to market/consumer trends are. Fall behind in expected actions, and consider yourself too slow for any brand recognition to be had.

"Brands need to achieve an efficient omnichannel media presence to influence consumers across the funnel."

With our IDFree targeting platform, we offer you exactly what omnichannel promises:

Easy and silo-free access to creating one dataset to push to each and everyone of your/your clients' marketing channels. It couldn't be easier to build privacy safe audiences together with your team or client, tweak reach and precision, get pre-campaign insights, and add value to the process by injecting your specific brand/market knowledge, then resell the audience building with your name & logo.

Please reach us for more info about IDFree targeting and/or setting up a free personal account for your team.


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