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Behind the Ad Tech veil

The first rule of Advertising is: You target your audience with a clearly communicated product. Still, many advertisers have a hard time combining, activating, and enriching their customer data when they are separated in silos and/or collected in violation with data privacy regulations.

We have read the Adform white paper The Seven Sins of Ad Tech, and we nodded our heads in agreement on every page. Adform address the growing customer distrust of advertising, and list Losing Sight of Your Audience Data as sin no 1.

"As more digital channels become accessible with new optimizations, brands feel overwhelmed and customers feel distrustful of advertisers."

Like Adform, Global Data Resources is committed to the foundational rules in advertising, and we believe in creating trust, transparency, and clarity when it comes to providing enriched customer data into the market.

This is the main reason we work with Privacy-By-Design, and refrain from tracking users as they move around the digital world.

Data is life blood of AdTech

As the AdTech world prepares for the end of 3. party cookies, NDR is among the leaders of privacy safe targeting solutions based on your

1. party data.

We help you enrich your data with external consumer data such as Mosaic - and quickly let you see the potential in each of your segments.

Drop us a message with a few words about your audience data challenges, and we will get back to you with our advice.


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