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Whopper de la Quarantine

The magazine AdAge crowns a "Coronavirus campaign of the day", and the key insight is to reposition creatives/content with a Covid-19 twist. 

Are you looking for a professional partner to help you and/or your clients reach a new target audience - or target the current audience - with a reposition campaign? Please feel welcome to get in touch.

Reposition how-to

AdAge has interviewed PR heavy Richard Edelman who identifies how-to's as:

  • Brands should only introduce new products at this time if they have some relevance to Covid-19, and they should use a scientist rather than a celebrity to endorse them.

  • Advertisers should consider both TV and radio as “born again”. 

  • Agencies need to stick close with their clients, look after their people and do something for their communities.

Reposition best-in-class


"With the Olympics postponed until 2021, one of its major sponsors, Visa, has acted quickly to pivot its campaign and make use of content featuring Olympians that it had already part-produced, but with a Covid-19 twist

The spots now show athletes promoting safety and sanitation from their own homes.

Burger King

"Burger King has closed its restaurants in France, but it still wants customers to eat Whoppers. So, it issued them with some home instructions on Twitter."

The ad simply shows a list of store-bought ingredients needed to put together a homemade version, re-named "Whopper de la Quarantine."

Users also began uploading their own photos of homemade "Whoppers" - with varying results!


"Facebook has posted a poetic film that juxtaposes moving scenes of a world "ravaged but not destroyed"...with families and friends bonding remotely and musicians playing out of their windows."

The spot is set to a spoken word track, using both user-generated and photo-journalistic content.

Reposition reach

To successfully reposition a brand identity during the pandemic, most organizations are forced to rethink how the target audience interacts with the reposition messages of the product/service/brand.

This is sometimes quite a challenge. And if you are looking for a professional partner to help you/your clients reach a new or a known target audience with a reposition campaign, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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