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Kantar Audiences live in Europe

Good news is as welcome as Sunday morning coffee! And Kantar is certainly doing their part by making audience segments - built with their world leading syndicated datasets - available in Europe.

In a press release Kantar describes how the new service provides audience segments derived from syndicated datasets including Target Group Index, Worldpanel and ComTech for online planning, insights, programmatic, social and TV targeting.

"Kantar Audiences’ new taxonomy will allow marketers to use trusted, currency-grade datasets to build target audience segments based on demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, brand preferences and actual purchase behaviours."

Personal vs Private data

Kantar Audiences live in Europe
Kantar Audiences live in Europe

Kantar has developed hundreds of syndicated audiences and, in addition, GDR offers that marketers can create customised segments based on 1st party data.

We also help with building privacy safe audiences from the ground up by letting advertisers choose and combine from our thousands of data-points world-wide.

Responsible & Relevant

“As part of our ongoing research into the global pandemic, European consumers are telling us that although they are concerned about the future, they still value responsible, relevant advertising.”

- Andy Brown, CEO of Kantar’s Media Division

Search what Kantar Audiences are available in your market - or give us a shout-out through our short form and we will get back to you in a flash.


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