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Happy Data Privacy Day!

Join us in celebrating Data Privacy Day: The international effort to encourage better protection of data and respect for privacy.

"Citizens and governments have grown concerned about the amount of information that organizations collect, what they are doing with the data, and ever-increasing security breaches. And frankly, they’re right."

- Joseph Davis, Microsoft Chief Security Advisor for Health & Life Sciences

Build a data privacy culture

Consumers increasingly cast a critical eye towards marketers’ efforts to embrace them with new data sources having the potential to publicly backfire on marketers. Improving on how our organizations manage personal data, means building a culture that respects privacy.

Forget collecting and storing consumers' private data in an attempt to create “one-to-one marketing”. Instead, look for privacy respectful campaign designs and data models based on Privacy-By-Design

GDR is "born private" and from day 1 we have refused to base our audience building on consumers' private data ("people-based targeting").

We provide you/your clients with a true ID-Free targeting system that works across all marketing channels and all platforms - display, video, apps, social media, and even outdoor or addressable TV.

Privacy is a Human Right

Btw: Did you know that Privacy is recognized as a human right in the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights?


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