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Yo ad industry! It’s time to innovate!

In an AdExchanger column, Dan Linton, Global Data Privacy Officer at W2O Group, describes the loss of "the advertising cookie" as an industry crutch, leaned on to maintain status quo. His answer: Get over it!

With the title: Privacy, Cookies And Personalization: Ad Tech Needs To Get Over It, Linton discuss how clinging to old models has become the ad industry go-to answer to avoid solving the deep issues behind being able to both comply with privacy and create relevant/personalized ads.

Problem is: It won't cut it.

"With all those barriers to what we currently know as behavioral advertising – most of which aren’t related to data privacy legislation – it’s time (and long overdue) for the ad industry to innovate."

At GDR we're frontrunners in data privacy, working solely with anonymous census data on neighborhood level in building audiences.

Our GDPR compliant audience tool THEU is t-h-e solution to innovative ad personalization a-n-d privacy!


Transparent Holistic Everyone Unique

Build from official governmental census data, no private data, cookies or online ID’s are collected. With THEU you can even create unique audiences from your own data – i.e. tracking ID’s or CRM data – and easy upload a single file to every one of your SoMe platforms.

We're excited to tell you more and introduce you to a tool that solves your challenges with "Privacy, Cookies And Personalization".

Please get in touch with your local GDR representative - or via our Contact.


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