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Data is not the enemy

Data is not the enemy; it’s the solution but must be ethically sourced, says Pauline Wen, Chief Privacy Officer at Lucid, in a Q&A with Street Fight Magazine.

Lucid is a research technology firm that hooks up companies with millions of customers to gauge customer sentiment at scale. The conversation with Chief Privacy Officer Pauline Wen tries to understand the challenges brands are facing and how they can navigate a rising bar for privacy.

What will the future of privacy look like for marketers?

So ask Street Fight Mag in their main question to Pauline Wen:

"There are a few things that marketers should plan for when thinking about the future of privacy: planning for a cookieless landscape; understanding the impact of forthcoming initiatives to address a cookieless world on first-party data; and working within guidelines despite a continued fragmentation of US privacy laws and data protection laws around the world as data flows occur within and outside of state or country borders.
Data is not the enemy; it’s the solution but must be ethically sourced."

Pauline Wen continues with an emphasis on understanding that it (still) all starts with brand image and identity.

"We cannot expect consumers to be open and trusting with data about them if they cannot trust the brand that has access to that data. It is the brand’s job to be clear about its data practices and embrace transparency as an opportunity to build trust with consumers."

Building trust in the privacy-forward era

Lucid has identified three principles to earning consumer trust in a privacy-forward era:

1) Transparency

2) Control

3) Accountability

We could not agree more! Give our consultant team a call if you want to know how IDFree targeting can be part of your brand values.

Brand integrity is more than ever driven by respect for the user's right to refuse that their private data are being collected and used by advertisers. Today, consumers expect brands they interact with, to be committed to using privacy safe data.

In other words: 2021 is the year marketers must embrace the ethical sourcing of data.


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