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Convenience Is Key: New IDFree Features

We pride ourselves on actively listening to the users of and of tearing down siloes where we can when it makes sense. The new features of IDFree by GDR are no exception. Our developer team has made user-friendly improvements to the interface by integrating Google Maps to visualize reach, and by enabling sharing of accounts across - internal & external - teams.

Google Maps

Google Maps is now integrated with With a more recognizable

and interactive map view, you & your

team can work even easier with

relevant reach - before - activation.

Account Sharing

The IDFree tool now allows users to share a built/uploaded audience with other users across several accounts - incl. external users. The only requirement is that the added user has a paid plan account.

Adding value to the process

General Manager at Global Data Resources, Per Kristian Tandberg, has a content word to say about supporting users of across the complete campaign process:

"GDR celebrates every new feature of our IDFree targeting tool! It is our job to support a creative and efficient campaign process with our services, and it is fulfilling to follow how we do just that. We never leave users hanging with their questions and we collaborate increasingly with our clients through the insight-driven process of building and sharing audiences."

Please reach Per Kristian Tandberg for issues regarding your/your client's omnichannel marketing strategy. As mentioned, GDR is increasingly adding value to our clients' process of creating audience profiles and achieving relevant reach - whether it involves first-party cookie data or not.

Could you benefit from a short demo of the IDFree tool?

Book Per here - or see our contact details and give us a ping anytime.


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