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Mosaic™ 6.0: A Dedication to Precision Targeting

Longtime partners InsightOne recently unveiled the 6th generation of its Mosaic™ tool for Norway, reaching a significant milestone in precision targeting. The innovative tool continues to enhance the ROI of digital advertising with ever more layered consumer insights. Read about it in the IDFree Insider newsletter.

"The hunt for actionable customer insights has never been greater".

These are the (translated) words of InsightOne's CEO Markus Jürss as he introduces Mosaic™ 6.0 for Norway.

The complete launch of the 6th generation of Mosaic™ Norway is now available on Vimeo. We recommend that you understand Norwegian though 😉 If not, we will gladly help you get the details.

Read all about it in the March 2024 IDFree Insider newsletter: A Dedication to Mosaic™. Algorithms Understand Gen Z.

Is Gen Z In Vogue?

Another message in the newsletter is quite a stretch to us, but it turns out that algorithms might understand Gen Z better than we do!

In a poll run by the youth culture agency Archrival, unfolded in a Vogue Business article, more than half of the Gen Zs asked agreed with the statement:

"My algorithm knows my tastes and interests better than my parents do."


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