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Is Rihanna teaching us Inclusive Targeting?

Forbes recently reported Rihanna's wealth exceeded $1.7 billion. Inclusivity runs through the corporate veins of the brands Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, launched by the entrepreneur in 2017 with the goal of making “women everywhere (feel) included”. By targeting beyond stereotypes and authentically reaching a diverse audience of age, skin tone, and size, Rihanna show how

inclusive marketing can create a universe of loyal consumers and brand ambassadors.

"Diversity is good for business, period."

Before Rihanna debuted the Fenty makeup line in 2017, customers were not treated with a realistic representation of skin tones in products, and her 40 shades of foundation was a milestone in diversity. As was the inclusive marketing campaigns which shifted the beauty landscape by featuring women of colour in global prestige campaigns, and targeting a variety of audiences, based on lifestyle rather than primarily age, income, education etc.

With a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the business strategy, the Fenty brands' ROI is staggeringly high and long-term grounded.

"Diversity and inclusion aren't simply noble causes; they're also what customers, investors, and prospective employees are increasingly looking for, according to a growing body of research."

- Susan Harmeling, Co-Founder, The Asbury Group

Are you micro-targeting?

Fenty flipped the script by including models who are plus-size, transgender, in drag, with limb differences, and Rihanna underlined that no one (!) was to be excluded in the marketing campaigns. By relying on a complete omnichannel marketing strategy, the products were seamlessly launched and sold in 17 countries, on all channels, with the same message at the same time.

And business leaders should take note, and reconsider who their products and services primarily serve and look for opportunities to serve different ones, Harmeling says.

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