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Creepy-free IP targeting

The new reality of digital advertising in a cookieless world is just around the corner. It looks frustrating to some advertisers, but in reality it is driving new user-privacy-friendly technologies as we move on from snooping-by-cookies to a real value exchange with users.

IP-based targeting

IP targeting is a non-creepy technology. An IP address is simply a numeric code, used when a network is “talking with the internet". An IP address cannot be tracked to a person, it is routed in a network way. As such IP-based targeting delivers online ads to all devices connected to a network - without collecting or storing private user data.

In a recent Street Fight Magazine commentary by Rob Friedman, Co-founder and executive vice president at Digital Element, IP targeting is considered one of the most intelligent alternatives to snooping on personal information about online users.

"IP addresses are going to skyrocket in value for ad targeting now. It’s a proven technology. And, considering all of the privacy discussions in the market today, IP data is so far ahead of the curve because it’s not invasive."

Context is King

Rob Friedman stresses that today's IP targeting allows advertisers to deliver relevant content in a simple, cost effective and privacy sensitive manner - tailored to users' locations at the moment when it's most relevant.

Context is essential to the right balance of targeting variables. By knowing where your audience live you can gain better insight from their neighborhood than from their age & gender etc.

"(...) you can get much deeper profiles of behavior once you know that type of granularity around a user. If a business traveler is at a point of interest, for example at a hotel, he or she will have different interests than a residential online user. That involves building context around users - a very valuable evolution in IP targeting."

ID-free targeting platform

We have created our new targeting platform as just that intelligent alternative to cookie-based tracking. We have made it user-friendly and subscription based for you to use geography in the moment of the ad-call - no unique permanent ID is required, and users right to privacy is 100% protected.

Try it out with a freemium account:


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