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Top 10 Trends in Digital Commerce

Gartner place major importance on the fact that building a trusted customer relationship starts with protecting customer data privacy.

According to Gartner's Top 10 Trends in Digital Commerce customer analytics is a key enabling technology leading to superior customer experience, supporting personalized and unified experience. But also:

"Organizations need to keep the balance between getting more than enough customer data and enough data to deliver a good customer experience without crossing the privacy line."

On the Gartner radar is trust and privacy which is becoming more important due to the increasing focus on customer data and analytics - as well as more privacy laws.

Top 10 Trends in Digital Commerce

Global Data Resources do not target individuals

We work exclusively with neighborhood based targeting that is not dependent on tracking 3rd party cookies. Build from official governmental census data on neighborhood level, our targeting is 100% GDPR compliant with no personal information and no online cookie/ID needed - just neighborhoods.

Read more in our free paper: Why neighborhoods matters


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