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The Trade Desk Launches Kokai – a New Media Buying Platform

Get ready, marketers! The Trade Desk has unveiled Kokai, a groundbreaking new platform poised to transform programmatic advertising. This isn't just an update; it's a complete game-changer.

The Future of Programmatic Advertising

Kokai boasts a powerful combination of innovations:

  • Distributed AI: Imagine a co-pilot for your media buying. Kokai's AI analyzes vast datasets in milliseconds, helping you make smarter decisions about bids, impressions, and campaign optimization.

  • Enhanced Measurement:  Struggling to measure success across CTV and retail media? Kokai offers groundbreaking measurement tools to track performance in these crucial channels.

  • Premium Inventory Access:  Reach the audiences that matter most with expanded access to premium inventory.

  • Revolutionary User Experience:  Kokai boasts an intuitive interface, making the power of programmatic advertising accessible to marketers of all levels.

“Programmatic advertising has evolved rapidly over the last five years, and we need to ensure that we surface the full power of data-driven decisioning for all marketers as intuitively as possible. Kokai’s innovations in areas such as advanced measurement, collaborative innovation, and a radical new UX will ensure The Trade Desk remains at the forefront of programmatic innovation in service of value for marketers.”

Kokai: Beyond a Platform

Kokai is a major advancement in programmatic. The platform's AI focus on empowering marketers to make data-driven decisions quickly is exactly what the future of media buying needs.

The platform is launched as more than a stand alone platform - indeed, Kokai gives marketers audience-based buying solutions, more premium inventory access, new measurement tools, and enhanced AI.

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Want to see the future of programmatic advertising?  Let's help you discover Kokai's innovative features as our partnership with The Trade Desk gives us exclusive knowledge for you/your clients to professionally optimize campaigns.

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