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IDFree Insider: Freedom Fighters on Full Pay 🇺🇦

In the March issue of IDFree Insider, we salute one of our development team's most stable partners: Go Wombat in Ukraine.

You would think that a Russian invasion, explosions in major cities, and employees joining the defense of Ukraine would knock out a software development company with many international clients & partners.

Not so! Go Wombat is one of the most stable and dedicated partners that our development team has worked closely with since 2020. Check out our partnership story in the latest IDFree Insider.

Brothers In Arms

Currently, two Go Wombat employees are fighting in the war against Russia - with full pay and support from their colleagues and managers.

Read all about it in IDFree Insider.

Happy Easter!

We send out happy spring vibes to celebrate working & growing together with some of the most influential adtech brands.

We wish ALL of our magnificent users, partners, and clients a Happy Easter!


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