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Speaking Opportunities: Sign Us Up

We are academics & developers. We know stuff. And we are on the lookout for relevant opportunities to talk with modern marketers globally. We have strong views on i.a. data ethics in digital marketing, and we are eager to share & debate with marketing teams, business developers, client directors (+). Sign up one of our global directors as speaker on your next relevant webcast, webinar, podcast, conference or other.

Why has GDR insisted on not using site traffic or behavioural targeting since back in 2015?

Why does GDR see the spirit of data privacy as more important than the laws themselves?

Why are GDR focused on neighbourhoods as essential data insight behind brand growth?

Let's talk

You do not have to have a speaking opportunity up your sleeve to reach out to us.

Indeed, you have an open invitation to get in touch and discuss how we can help solve the data/process challenges you face.


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