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New ID-free recipe

When Kantar's global media experts publish their Media Trends & Predictions 2020, we listen.

As we enter a new cookieless era, marketeers face the dilemma of having access to AI and advanced analytics techniques to target and deliver customized creative content while still struggling to comply with the growing legal and customer demands of privacy.

With GDR based on privacy-by-design, our data models do not rely on tracking cookies, online ID's or other private information. This makes us privacy front-runners with tools to lift your 2020 targeting to reach unique audiences as we create lifestyle segments from anonymous neighborhood & LL data.

"The advent of artificial intelligence means that advertising can dynamically change to be more relevant to users, with ads adapting to factors like location, device, weather, time and demographics. But according to our Getting Media Right 2019 study, 32% are still not confident that they are successfully targeting the right audiences. As data becomes more granular, the risks of mis-targeting rise. And marketers are faced with an ethical dilemma: this increased use of personal data, even when anonymised, requires trust and accuracy."

- Thomas Zaruba, Kantar

See our free report What is Wrong with

Micro-targeting to dig deeper into why & how GDR will help you steer clear of too narrow targeting in a misguided afford to reach a

very, very specific and precise audience.

Please get in touch with your local GDR rep.

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