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[Stockholm, Paris, New York - May 23. 2022] Smart Adserver ("Smart") the leading independent adtech marketplace, and Global Data Resources ("GDR"), a global leader in ethically sourced audience data, today announced a new partnership to bring next-generation privacy-safe targeting to the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden). 



Identity-safe advertising is the cornerstone of next-generation adtech, and more advertisers are testing the effectiveness of new ID-free solutions against the tried-and-true cookie. This unique partnership between Smart and Global Data Resources will help publishers to enrich their inventory with ID-free persona-segments, while allowing brands to precisely reach the audiences of their advertising campaigns.

The Smart and GDR partnership is a testament to how targeting in digital advertising is transitioning from tracking and storing private user data to transparent targeting with socio-demographic privacy-compliant data as the base. Reaching the right audience for the right ad campaign on the right channel is still critical - it just has to be done in a respectful and non-intrusive way.


This is what Smart and GDR bring to the Nordics.

Press Release in pdf


"We’re very happy to collaborate with GDR, a trusted partner who's widely recognised for its footprint on enriched audience data in the Nordics, and to provide Nordic marketers with a 100% independent alternative to the existing targeting offerings. Together, we're fully aligned on improving transparency by allowing advertisers to take back control over their inventory and data assets.“

- Pierce Cook-Anderson, Managing Director Northern Europe, Smart

"Smart’s commitment to a better advertising landscape is adding valuable transparency to the advertising space for both publishers and buyers in the Nordics. We’re thrilled to partner with Smart and provide the Nordic marketers with efficient and non-intrusive reach of multi-level audiences."

- Göran Eklöf, Global Partnerships Director, Global Data Resources


Global Partnerships Director


Göran Eklöf

+46 70 86 79 178

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Press Officer
Janne Larsen

+ 45 2721 8818



Global Data Resources (GDR) is a privacy pioneer in the adtech industry. We have earned our position as a global leader in ethically sourced audience data for modern marketers by being privacy-first based since 2015. GDR provides transparent targeting without third-party cookies or IDs. We help brands, agencies and publishers transition to non-intrusive targeting with audiences either built by us or by our clients using the

ID-free omnichannel targeting tool:


GDR works with hundreds of global clients and media agencies, and we partner with some of the most reliable and transparent data providers and analysts in the industry.


We currently offer digital consumer classification data and/or interest data for 35 markets, covering +750 million people across Europe, the USA and UK, and Asia.     GDR LinkedIn profile


Platform161 (Now Part of Verve Group) is an award-winning, industry-leading programmatic platform ahead of the curve.


With 60 professionals located in 12 countries, we consider ourselves partners with our clients and provide custom solutions for their needs. We prioritize innovation so our clients can perform innovative campaign techniques that allow them to outperform their competition on a global scale.


Rooted in innovation, we partner with companies around the world to build the future. We’ve led the charge on various industry innovations including IP‑Based Targeting, Programmatic DOOH, and the first GDPR‑Compliant Buying Platform.

Platform161 LinkedIn profile

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