Hear the reasons why our clients who are among some of the world's most transparent and influential actors in adtech turn to 

- our next-gen privacy-safe targeting tool -

for a sustainable alternative to cookie-based targeting.


"Kantar is a leading consumer and media analyst, and to us, that begins and ends with data quality. As a born privacy-first solution, the IDFree targeting platform gives marketers new communication and targeting opportunities in the post-cookie ad world. A world where understanding and reaching audiences without collecting any private data is essential. We highly value industry visionaries like IDFree and are pleased to cooperate on true ad effecti-veness for both local and global marketers."

Ingvar Sandvik

Director Marketing & Innovation, Kantar 



"At Atyp we deliver on advertisers' need for closer integration between strategy, creativity, media and technology. To be able to offer our customers full integration between us building, validating, and activating audiences on multiple media platforms, is why the IDFree targeting platform is valuable to us. With IDFree we see a promising solution to the integration of privacy-safe audience data as default in the media outreach for our customers."

- André Thorsen

Head of Media Strategy & Purchasing, Atyp


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"Matterkind is driven by purposeful marketing because to us it thoughtfully adapts to people’s needs and marketers’ goals. We seek to innovate, transform and change the future of data-driven marketing with cleaner data, customer privacy, and audience-focused optimization. By introducing IDFree targeting with privacy-safe audience data, we are fully aligned with our values of using ethically sourced data to strive to benefit brands and consumers alike."

- Christopher Hernandez

Managing Director, Nordics, Matterkind

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"As an independent agency, we go the extra mile, work faster and find more pragmatic solutions to make everyday life for our clients and partners easier. By building privacy-safe audiences on the IDFree platform, we are able to efficiently activate our client's unique audience on multiple media platforms via the true omnichannel solution. As an agency, we simplify complex digital marketing, and supports our transparent business model.".

- Arvid Cedergren
COO & Co-founder, Amidays

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"KO OG CO specialists and creators work closely together on both content and placement for our clients. And although our focus is primarily on the digital, we buy all types of media. We have chosen to use the IDFree targeting platform because of the true omnichannel solution, that helps us as a professional business partner who understands, creates, and places engaging advertising products."

- Nina Hølke


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"The IDFree tool allows us to build very precise target groups from high-quality data. We can control the reach, get instant validation, and activate on multiple important platforms like Google, Facebook, and Snapchat. The activation works seamlessly as well as the campaign results are very promising. I'm happy to call IDFree a key partner to VISU. AL and our offerings." 

- Vincent Carrié

Director, VISU.AL



"We’re very happy to collaborate with & GDR, a trusted partner who's widely recognised for its footprint on enriched audience data in the Nordics, and to provide Nordic marketers with a 100% independent alternative to the existing targeting offerings.

Together, we're fully aligned on improving transparency by allowing advertisers to take back control over their inventory and data assets.“

-Pierce Cook-Anderson

Managing Director Northern Europe, Equativ 



"In Visma Digital Marketing it is vital to advise our clients on how to communicate effectively with their target group without compromising their customers' privacy. To be able to create this level of trust we use the IDFree platform for intelligent targeting, for both today and for the post-cookie future. We find the IDFree platform to be an important piece of the solution for the cookieless tomorrow, as well a strong contri-butor to the growing focus on customer value."


- Charlotte Karlsnes
Digital Advisor, Visma Digital Marketing

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"Modern marketing requires more than just media planning and buying. With IDFree our teams can work fluidly on campaigns with global clients & colleagues and gain valuable insight through the pre-campaign reports. Digital planning and targeting will be different without cookies, and the IDFree tool is one of the post-cookie tools we at Mindshare are looking into. The ability to target the same audience across multiple platforms from video, social, apps and display is valuable to our clients, and to us as modern marketers."

- Tomas Tomasi

Client Lead, Mindshare Norway

Mindshare logo.


"With IDFree targeting, we can offer a future-proof and effective way for advertisers and agencies to target the right audience within trusted local media. Neighbourhoods play a vital role in our lives and are often a reflection of our lifestyle. Targeting locally and based on local data enables advertisers to capture audiences based on their chosen environ-ment effectively. First trials show promising results and high acceptance among agencies and advertisers.” 

- Hilde Marie Gundersen
Commercial Director Nordics, smartclip



"Addressing concerns around privacy is paramount to the continuing growth of the programmatic ecosystem, and to BidTheatre. Thanks to the integration with IDFree, our clients get the ability to easily build high-performing cookieless audiences and seamlessly export them for activation in our platform."

- Marcus Johansson
Founder & CEO, BidTheatre

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